Guiding Principles

The Haitian Academy, founded in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A in 1979 is a certified not-for-profit, independent Institution of Education, geared to provide excellence in learning from Preschool to University studies, and Technical Training.

The Haitian Academy is dedicated to offer to its student’s sound academic knowledge and character education from an early age, in a structured, loving environment. We cultivate a moral setting, to prepare well educated, positive minded young leaders; with a sense of purpose in life. The commitment of The Haitian Academy is to groom the new generations to be qualified, loving and caring professionals in the career of their choice.

To reach the highest level of instruction, we seek qualified, internationally educated Teachers and Professors. We make sure that they are supportive of the Haitian Academy’s Philosophy, using state-of-the-art innovative approaches as teaching resources, to stimulate the student’s minds, and awaken their curiosity toward research and creative learning.

The Haitian Academy achieves its goal by creating a unique, multicultural, multilingual setting for global education. Each student is unique. Each one, as a very important member of their society, and the world, is entitled to receive adequate instruction, in order to maximize his/her performance in life. The Haitian Academy supports the development of all students, at all level, through the implementation of the arts, music, and sports in our curriculum. The integration of these activities in the lives of the children and youth will create an inner equilibrium, and a balanced personality for their success, thus a better life for those living in their surroundings. The Haitian Academy rejects all forms of violence and discrimination, in every aspect of life, and everywhere on planet Earth.

At The Haitian Academy, we define Education in the 21st Century or the New Millennium as “The art of using Intelligently, all information accumulated throughout the world, for a more Spiritually, Intellectually, Technologically oriented UNIFIED, SENSITIVE, HUMANE WORLD, with the ultimate goal of Elevating our minds and soul, in order to improve our way of living on earth”.

Dr. Marie-Pologne Jacques RENE


Haiti: (509) 3741-0898 | US: (718) 856-1804