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The academic approach applied at  The Haitian Academy provides an optimal environment for learning and teaching, and offers a global curriculum that inspires in its students creativity and self-confidence.


The Mathematics curriculum teaches our students to think logically, critically, and analytically, while maintaining a positive open attitude toward solving unfamiliar problems. Students are taught how to work independently with resourcefulness and creativity, as well as in a collaborative setting.

All new students take a mathematics placement test and are placed in an appropriate course in either the regular track or the accelerated track. Both tracks provide an excellent foundation for college.


The Foreign Language courses are designed to instill an appreciation of the benefits of studying another language while developing specific language skills. For spoken languages, students are taught to communicate effectively in basic social situations and within the cultural context, developing proficiency and confidence in speaking, reading, writing, and listening.

In classical languages, students are taught to read great works of ancient literature within the context of the history and culture of the times. All courses give students an understanding of the target culture’s history, geography, customs, arts, literature, economic and political realities.


The Haitian Academy believes all students should experience an environment that promotes intellectual growth and fosters imagination, curiosity and responsibility. These goals can be achieved within the context of developing scientific skills and understanding scientific principles.

Students who graduate from our institution understand that science is a process, and are able to explain the difference between scientific facts, laws and theories. They are able to design an experiment to address a question, collect and analyze data, and support a conclusion with evidence. Additionally, our students understand concepts of equilibrium, conservation laws and mechanisms of mass/energy distribution and how these apply to all disciplines of science.

It is crucial that students are able to apply critical-thinking skills and the ability to argue from evidence in daily life, especially when dealing with ethical; social; environmental; and medical issues.

Our science department is comprised of the following amenities:

  • Computer laboratory
  • Research laboratory
  • Experimental garden

Computer Science

With a state of the art computer lab, the Haitian Academy’s main emphasis is to give each student a strong foundation in technology. This foundation prepares them for the technological challenges in their secondary education and in their careers. The Computer Science faculty evaluates our curriculum every year, and we update our courses to reflect changes in the high-technology field. We believe it is essential in today’s society to know how to utilize and understand new technologies. Our students should feel confident using current technology and adapting to future changes in the field.

Physical Education & Health

The Haitian Academy’s Physical Education program promotes physical activity while helping students increase body awareness and improve fitness levels. Our program is composed of instructors for the following categories: Basketball, Soccer, Dance, and Volley ball. The curriculum strives to build a sense of pride and self-discipline, and encourages each student to reach his or her potential, regardless of natural ability. An instructional course in Health provides students with information and activities that will have a lifelong, positive impact on students’ attitudes, behaviors, and choices in health matters.

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