Elementary School

The first formal step in a person’s education is taken in elementary school. At the Haitian Academy we believe a strong elementary education is crucial to the development of a young mind. Because of this belief, we have developed educational methods adaptable to the specific needs of each student and to their learning abilities.

The Haitian Academy’s elementary school offers an education from pre-k to 5th grade. We take pride in providing top-notch multilingual classes to adequately equip our students for the future. Students are encouraged to think scientifically and creatively to discover their hidden talents and stimulate their young minds. The best is expected from our students; therefore we give them the best. Parents play a very valuable role in the support they lend to their children. In these stressful times, our educational community has the common goal of facilitating a peaceful environment conducive to learning. Today more than ever, the youth is the hope of a better future.

Our class size limit is 15 students therefore classes fill up quickly. Be sure to reserve your child’s place early by registering today.

Haiti: (509) 3741-0898 | US: (718) 856-1804