Middle School

The Haitian Academy’s Middle School provides the ideal transition environment between elementary school and high school. Middle School students undergo many changes physically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially. The Haitian Academy’s Middle School provides the adequate setting and a wealth of opportunities that foster individualism, self-discovery, creativity and intellectual adventure. Our programs are structured to build study and thinking skills, responsible behavior, and to help develop self-confidence with a strong sense of morality.

The transition between elementary school and middle school is facilitated by a structured curriculum and a qualified staff. Our teachers provide consistency and support, while fostering each child’s growing sense of academic responsibility. In addition, a skilled counseling system is available to help the students deal with developmental as well as academic hurdles.

At the Haitian Academy we believe it’s important for young minds to explore new ideas and concepts. Our students are exposed to a multilingual curriculum, and also participate in environmental activities all year round.  This allows them to engage in outdoor activities, nature studies and social experiences. The Middle School’s curriculum builds upon the basics learned in previous years, adding new subjects and additional languages. The Haitian Academy places high value on the teaching of foreign languages and promotes linguistic exchange between students of The Haitian Academy and students throughout the world.

Our class size limit is 15 students therefore classes fill up quickly. Be sure to reserve your child’s place early by registering today.

Haiti: (509) 3741-0898 | US: (718) 856-1804