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Welcome to the Haitian Academy online application

Applications for the 2014-15 school year must be submitted by April 23, 2014–though we reserve the right to close applications once we fill all our interview and tour slots. Anyone submitting applications from early September to mid-October usually have no trouble obtaining an interview date. However, to ensure consideration of your child’s application, we recommend that you apply as soon as possible after September 1, 2013.

  • Applications received after April 23, 2014 will receive a decision on a space-available basis only.

Space permitting, qualified students are admitted at all grade levels through 11th grade. Students are not ordinarily admitted to the 12th grade unless they have completed the first year of the I.B. Diploma Program. Students applying to the 10th and 11th grades should verify prior to applying for admission that they could meet graduation requirements by the end of the 12th grade.

Applications may be submitted either:

  • Printed click here to download as a pdf to be mailed along with the other required documents (see below) or Online

Online Application: Early Registration Form

For online applications, the following documents must be sent to the Admission Office by regular mail:

  • proof of the applicant’s age in the form of either a copy of a birth certificate or passport
  • a passport size photograph of the applicant (if a photo has not already been uploaded and submitted with the online application)
  • a copy of school reports for the past two years (for 3rd through 12th grade applicants only)

Mailing Address:
The Haitian Academy
Attn: Admission Office
4521 Church Ave.,
Brooklyn, NY 11203

 To download the 2014-2015 Admission pack, click here. Please note the deadline for admissions applications for pre-k to 5th grade is May 31st, 2012, and the deadline for grades seven through twelve is June 30th, 2012. Applications received after these deadlines are reviewed on a space available basis. Note: New Boarding admission is granted to students between the ages of 3 to 14 years old The application packet includes the:

  • Parent Student Application Form 1
  • Administrator Recommendation Form 2
  • English or French Teacher Recommendation Form 3
  • Mathematics Teacher Recommendation Form 4
  • Transcript Request Form 5
  • The Haitian Academy’s Admissions Brochures

Haiti: (509) 3741-0898 | US: (718) 856-1804