Half Boarding

Half Boarding Tuition 2012 – 2013

Grade Registration One-Time New Student Fee Yearly Tuition
Pre-k to 6th  $200 US $1320 US $6,480 US
7th to 12th  $200 US $1320 US $7,200 US

Note: In order for a student to be eligible for half-boarding, their parents have to reside in Haiti. There is a surcharge of $30US for students that remain on campus during the week-end. (Limited to one stay per month)

Payment Schedule 2012 – 2013

Grade Tuition Installments Date
Pre-K to 6th Grade $2,160 US August 1st
$2,160 US December 15th
$2,160 US March 15th
7th Grade to 12th Grade $2,400 US August 15th
$2,400 US December 15th
$2,400 US March 15th

Haiti: (509) 3741-0898 | US: (718) 856-1804