School & Clinic vandalized!

On August 7th, 2014 the Haitian Academy, a non-profit American accredited school and medical facility that has been operating in Haiti for over 24 years, was attacked by armed men. Employees were physically assaulted, medical equipment and school property was stolen and destroyed. The campus was occupied for almost 30 days by armed men before the police removed them. Witnesses say the men occupying the campus stated they worked for neighboring land-owner and foreign-national Bernard Martinod.

UPDATE – 09/19/2014 A Haitian SWAT team disarmed the school security and forcefully ejected security, staff and students without any warrant or legal paper work. They then allowed Bernard Martinod’s men to occupy the campus once more. Hours later, local residents chased Martinod’s men from the main campus however were afraid to stay past dark. It was later determined that the police involved were off-duty.

09/20/2014 Legitimate Haitian police returned to the campus and the remainder of Martinod’s men fled.

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Let the Haitian government know that a non-profit school and clinic is being bullied from their land!

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School Facts

  • The Haitian Academy is a multilingual, multicultural educational institution offering preschool -12th grade and university level classes
  • The Haitian Academy was founded in 1979 in Brooklyn NY (1st Haitian school founded in the US)
  • For the last 24 years The Haitian Academy has been operating as an American accredited school in Haiti
  • There are currently 13 doctors serving the Haitian population who graduated from the University of The Haitian Academy’s 8-year medical program
  • The campus Health Center is the only 24/7 medical care available to 10 communities, it is the first in the area licensed to hospitalize patients
  • The campus functioned as a relief center in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake
  • History and more information:

Incident Facts

  • Employees Physically Assaulted
  • Health Center Vandalized
  • Medical Equipment Stolen (including a full 40ft Shipping Container )
  • Everything destroyed including smashed toilets, wiring pulled out of the walls
    • 36 Classrooms
    • Boarding Facilities (Pre-K to 12th grade)
    • Labs (Audio/Visual, Science, Computer)
    • University Dorms (Men and Women’s)
    • Bakery
    • Library
    • Staff Residences
  • Musical Equipment Looted (Violins, Guitars, Flutes, Drums, and more)
  • Audio/Video Equipment Looted (Studio Mixing Board, Microphones, PA System and more )
  • Computers Stolen (Both computer lab and office computers)
  • Internet Installation Vandalized
  • Power Generator SAVED!
  • School Records – SAVED!
  • Dissection Lab – SAVED!
  • School Bus – SAVED!
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